Best class that I ever heard. Jayaraj avargalukku yan manamarrthan vaazhalthukkal :-) Let me know if I can be any help to continue the classes Ganesan

Kakkan Ganesan, Burtonsville,MD, USA

Uyar Valluvam programme is really commendable. A great historic task by karka.in. I would feel happy if i could join in this marvelous service to the tamil society. Presently, i am an unemployed person preparing for Civil Services Examination with Tamil as optional subject.

Arun Asokan, Mylapore, Chennai

Today a memorable day in my life. I am a aruduous fan of Siva Jayaraj. Today his speech kindles some truth inside us. Really hats off to your attempt. It is a blessings for all of us.

Mr. V. Ramachandran,

கற்க கசடற அமைப்பின் பணி சமூகமாற்றத்திற்கான பெருமுயற்சி, இன்று ஐயாவின் அறிமுக வகுப்பு என் வாழ்வின் முக்கிய நிகழ்வு, தங்கள் பணி தொடர வாழ்த்துக்கள். நன்றி.


I was bowled over by guru Jeyaraj ayya's unassuming nature and the profound knowledge he possess. It was quite exhibited in the depth of each and every word he uttered. In short, he has made me to understand the greatness and richness of our Tamil language. This series would certainly going to ignite and rekindle my passion towards understanding our mother 'Tamil' in a much better way. Undoubtedly he is a real yogi/guru like Lord Dakshinamurthy who is going to dispel many a doubt by his silence too in the lectures to come and my feelings are beyond words as he resembled my father in many aspects. In other words, I virtually saw my father in him. In fact, after seeing /listening to such a divine /scholarly person armed with humbleness, my ego got shattered and I really felt t

Mr. R. Sivakumar, Chennai

I am Ganesan N from Singapore . I am a member of Thirumurai organizing committee in Singapore. I got introduced to Uyar Valluvan programme by Mr Ramasamy ayya from Chennai ( i have conveyed my thanks to him many times for this ) who is attending this class regularly. I have listened to 7 classes so far and I have shared the audio and about your service to all my group. I am really very thankful for your team effort in organizing these lectures and this is really an eye opener for me on our values,cultures, language and Thirukural. Your service will go a long way in educating the youth to have respect and faith in our culture and values.

Mr. Ganesan N, Chennai